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Article taken from National Fruit Show 2017 Handbook.

Alex Radu, who has now been with us for eight years, runs Agrovista's Growers Choice Interactive (GCI) on behalf of the team and subscribers. This is our web-based modelling service run using on-farm weather stations and the Rimpro software.

It supplies continuously updated information on scab infection periods, the flight, oviposition and larval emergence of codling moth as well as Neonectria and fireblight infections. This enables growers to make better-informed decisions on spray timings and product choice.

We have introduced an additional module to GCI this season, a model to predict the flight activity, oviposition and larval emergence of apple sawfly.

In order to gain good control of this pest it is vital to spray at the moment just before larval emergence begins. Before this module was introduced, sprays would be applied between eta I fall and very early fruitlet, which, in some seasons, can be quite a large window.
This season it was particularly difficult to judge the timing as bloom lasted for a long time and the fruitlets developed slowly. Growers also had to contend with cold weather at the end of bloom and more than one frost.

However, using the sawfly model we found that it was possible to wait until the correct moment to apply the spray, rather than rushing in too early. The results were extremely good, even in organic systems where control measures are limited and not particularly effective due to low persistency. So this is an extremely useful addition to the portfolio. As usual, all of the team will be present on the Agrovista stand so please do come along to meet us!


24 October 2017

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