Conditions set for busy autumn

Part Article taken from the CPM, written by Tom Allen-Stevens

In the north east of England up to the Borders, however, Chris Martin of Agrovista reports growers have enjoyed a good start to the season.  “It’s probably the best autumn we’ve had for a number of years.  The pre-ems have been going on in near perfect conditions,” he reports.

“Growers have rushed to get the crop in, so we haven’t got the best from stale seedbeds this year.  But it’s definitely the lowest dormancy we’ve known for quite some time – I’ve never seen black-grass emerge so quick and so thick.  That means a good autumn approach to grassweed control is essential this year – leave any part of it until spring and you’ll lose tonnes of yield.”

He feels the pre-em should be applied as planned, even if seedbeds are dry and cloddy.  “Black-grass is coming through like a lawn into cobbly seedbeds.  You need the pre-em on the soil and there should be enough moisture to activate it.  One option to consider at the peri-emergence timing is Avadex – it sensitises the black-grass to Atlantis if they’re applied within six weeks of each other.”

Chris Martin’s keen on Auxiliary.  “It’s a cracking partner for Atlantis – there’ll be plenty of situations, particularly in the north of the UK, where a good percentage of the population won’t be resistant to fops, so it’s the best partner in the post-em spray.”

He reckons Atlantis is still the number one choice for black-grass.  “Unite’s good where you’ve a burden of difficult broadleaf weeds and mixed grasses, such as brome, but would not be first choice where blackgrass is main target.”


11 October 2013

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