Bells and whistles weather system launched by Agrovista

Article taken from The Vegetable Farmer

Clever technology is at the heart of Agrovista’s new weather system, which Head of Marketing Nick Rainsley says has all the features that a farmer could wish for.

The Daily Weather Forecast service and its disease forecasting extension, Daily Forecast Xtra, have been developed by the Agrovista Plantsystems team.

Extensions to the services to include integrated weather and soil moisture stations can also be installed to manage field and growing tunnel irrigation.

“The Daily Weather Forecast service gives a 10-day weather overview with a very detailed two-day forecast.  In addition there is a six-day spraying conditions predictor which our agronomists and clients have found to be incredibly accurate,” Nick explains.

“The forecasts are emailed to subscribers daily, very early in the morning, and their account is also available online, which can be accessed via smartphones.  The spraying predictor is clever.  It forecasts – down to hourly blocks – whether conditions will be very good, good, moderate or very bad; it will also show hourly frost predictions – very useful for vegetable and fruit growers.”

The Daily Forecast Xtra service combines a farm’s local weather forecast with data from local weather stations situated on the farm.  This information is fed through a computer running complex algorithms to provide pest and disease infection risks for a host of arable, vegetable, fruit and flower crops.

“The service covers 44 diseases and five pests on 21 crop species, including early and late potato blight, Botrytis and mildew species in grapes, flowers and field crops, as well as pests like codling moth, peach potato aphid and carrot fly,” Nick adds.

As with the weather forecast, the Xtra service despatches an early daily morning email plus the service is available online.

For vegetable, potato and fruit growers, the integrated soil moisture and weather station units really can take growing systems on to a new level, he predicts.  “With any combination of these Plantsystems services, data can be collected and acted upon in real-time, making connection to remote switching units a progressive tool for accurately assessing irrigation needs and monitoring and controlling water use.”

Agrovista anticipates that these systems will be popular with both farmers and agronomists because the system provides real-time data, which can be synchronised with other data and software used on the farm. 


03 October 2013

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