Crop Assurance

Plantsystems from Agrovista provides services across all crops to allow growers to fully comply with the major assurance and retailer based schemes.


Axis is a cloud-based technical information exchange system that allows agronomy and precision farming data to be uploaded and shared in real time with advisers, agronomists, operators and contractors. Our aim is to give your business true flexibility and efficiency.

With Axis, users have instant access to crop management information, from recording to yield maps to help make informed, timely decisions that facilitate efficient, cost-effective farming practices from any device connected to the internet, anywhere.

As part of the system, Agrovista has worked closely with Muddy Boots software to integrate the Greenlight Grower Management (GLGM) system to ensure a seamless flow of information between the key people involved in a modern agricultural business. Growers are able to add cropping into GLGM which will immediately synchronise with the agronomist to improve efficient management and cut down on double entry of data.

Cropping plans and field cropping can change very quickly; this system allows changes to be passed between users at the click of a button. Axis will also provide growers with valuable data such as technical and trials information, detailed weather reports and account updates. The Greenlight Grower Management integrates seamlessly into Axis to provide an electronic library of new and past recommendations plus cropping information, nutrition and agronomy reports.

The higher level option will give integrated field mapping solutions a visual, intuitive way of using available data. It allows you to upload your combine yield maps, overlay your DGPS soil map, upload your crop information from mobile sensors and for example, create variable rate application plans for seeds or fertilisers. All can be seen as layers on a field map, to visualise performance. The Axis mapping package is a powerful tool for growers using precision farming at any level.

CropTrak Records Service

CropTrak Records Service is a solution to the time consuming job of recording sprays and other inputs.

For customers subscribing to the CropTrak Records Service, Plantsystems enter the data and hold the crop records on behalf of the customer and produce reports which are available to view at any time through the CropTrak website portal. In addition, a printout of all the field records are sent to the customer at the end of the season in full compliance with assurance schemes. Information on chemicals used and prevailing weather conditions at the time of application will be generated by Plantsystems with the customer only having to provide the date, time of application, the name of the operator and the machine used.

Crop Assurance Services

Plantsystems offer the following consultancy based services to comply with the legislation of assurance schemes.

  1. Supply copies of Extensions of Use (formerly known as SOLAs). Only those relevant to the customer's cropping are supplied.
  2. Supply agrochemical usage lists by crop, including maximum permitted dose, restriction on repeated applications to a single crop, harvest interval and latest stage of application information, plus MRL's. Only those relevant to the customer's cropping are supplied.
  3. Supply COSHH, HACCP and other risk assessments relevant to the customer's holding and activities.
  4. Supply documents relating to farm policies eg. agrochemical and fertiliser usage, waste management, pollution avoidance, irrigation and wash water use and health and safety.
  5. Develop emergency action plans for general safety, spray or fertiliser spillages.
  6. Supply a crop tracking system from field to farm-gate - on user-friendly software.

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