GPS Mapping - Grid Sampling

Grid sampling is the most common type of GPS sampling done in the UK. It is simple to understand and gives a uniform sample standard across the farm.


  • Every area of the field is sampled in the same standard ‘grid’ size
  • Easy to price if the size of the area is known
  • Moves accuracy from 25% (1 sample per field) to 75% (1 sample per Ha)


  • Points are in most cases chosen at random, so known problem areas may not be as intensively sampled as ‘target sampling’
  • No soil type information

We looked at the grid system in great detail and have since moved the standard square grids generated into ‘optimised polygons’. This means the clever software can now optimise the shape of the sampling area to better fit the field. In most cases fields are not exactly square, so neither should the sample areas. We ensure we look at things from a practical point of view and deliver the best solutions to growers.

The size of the sampled area is totally customisable - just because it is common to sample at 1 sample/Ha doesn’t mean this will fit your situation. Some other combinations that are popular are:

  • pH 0.5 Ha + Nutrient 1 Ha – good for variable pH areas such as Scotland
  • pH only 1 Ha – where nutrient indecies are known to be good
  • PCN 1 Ha – Taking 45 cores/Ha to provide a PCN risk map

Standard Analysis

  • pH + P + K + Mg
  • 16 sub samples make up each sample area (8 for pH only, 45 for PCN) – Each sub-sample recorded with GPS
  • Can add any other trace element on for a small charge
  • Can add a composite broad spectrum for an average trace element status
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