Daily Forecast Xtra

With our Daily Forecast Xtra DSS, growers can still have the benefits of improved treatment timing and input justification even though they do not have the resources to fully implement a field specific DSS such as Dacom System. No user input is required.

Daily Forecast Xtra has been designed to deliver essential information on the weather forecast, spray windows and disease risk directly to the grower by email.

Data from a local weather station is required which can be one of Plantsystems' own network of weather stations and this automatically integrates with a local weather forecast. A central server manages all the data and generates a risk assessment for each particular disease or pest based upon its known biology and delivered by email.

The user receives a detailed risk report which looks into the future as well as the recent past and can plan and take appropriate action based upon local circumstances.

This allows the system to be proactive as well as reactive to conditions and allows a rational approach to be taken in the selection and application of protectant and curative products.

Forecast Xtra allows the grower to:-

  1. Select the most appropriate type of treatment and apply at the best time
  2. Minimise the use of agrochemicals and obtain cost effective crop production
  3. Plan operations depending on conditions
  4. Increase the crop yield, storability and marketability through improved crop protection
  5. Justify inputs in accordance with crop assurance requirements



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